In recent years, esports betting has become very popular. Even those Internet users who are indifferent to computer games and traditional sports have an idea of ​​them.

Cybersport is a computer-assisted gaming competition in a simulated virtual space.

Since 2001, esports betting usa has officially recognized esports as a sport. From 2006 to 2016, it was excluded from the sports register, but from June 2016 it received official confirmation again.

Competitions of various levels are held daily in various types of eSports. For 13 years (from 2000 to 2013) there was even a kind of analogue of the Olympic Games – the international tournament World Cyber ​​Games. Since 2014, the tournament has not been held, although there are similar international competitions.

Esports competitions take place between several teams. The rules depend on the specific game on which bets are made.

Thousands of people bet on eSports every day. This is not always real money, the system allows you to place bets with skins and items.

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