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The Benstonium Crew

I use to make videos of myself drinking beer. Then I made my friends drink in parody beer commercials. Now its my job.
Nac is a Pittsburgh native and actor/writer for  He graduated from Clarion University in 2008 and now has the honor of having his Pittsburghese broadcasted for the world to scrutinize!  Nac spends most of his time trying to find creative ways to take over the world, while being perpetually grumpy.
Danny D is the vital force in many Benstonium productions. He is usually helping out offscreen, but when he gets onscreen he's usually without a shirt. A major contributor to Benstonium promotions, Danny D never turns down a public appearance..especially when it involves cheap drinks and tons of ladies.
Joe was born in Houston Texas, but moved to The Burgh when he was two and learned how to talk Pittsburghese shortly after.  He primarily acts, thinks of some of the material, and sometimes will operate the camera or boom on videos. He also does some of the promotions, emailing contacts, and marketing the videos. His knowledge on sports and Pittsburgh sports heroes is always a help on the set. Joe Flags sometimes will supply the wardrobe with his many jerseys for all sports Pittsburgh. He and Benson met through Joe's cousin Brendan Nelson.