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Steelers Antonio Brown / Karate Kid Parody

Antonio Brown uses the “crane kick” against the Browns in this parody of The Karate Kid.

Radio Sync’d: J-Hay’s Rundown [07-27-14]

Radio Sync’d Highlight: J-Hay gets out of another rundown against the Rockies sync’d w/ Greg Brown’s radio call. [MLB Network]

The Purge: Jason Aldean / PNC Park Concert

When country music concerts happen in Pittsburgh, laws and common sense are put on hold, and drunken anarchy ensues.

“Cheese Chester” Injury [WWE Remix]

A shocking moment during the Great Pittsburgh Pierogi Race, as Cheese Chester is injured, with commentary by WWE’s Jim Ross. Concept by @FSMikey

Luke Bryan Tailgate 2014 – WWE Remix

The Luke Bryan tailgate turns into an epic WWE brawl, as one drunk concertgoer battles the reigning champion, gravity & the effects of alcohol. Footage courtesy of WPXI UPDATE: This becomes the first Benstonium video to surpass 1 Million...
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