Quoth Benstonium: Tyler Tubbs

April 16th, 2012 by Benstonium

Benstonium was asked by the Tribune-Review for a quote regarding “Tornado Boy” Tyler Tubbs.  This is what we sent them…


“When I first came across Tyler, I immediately recognized the viral potential of his tornado video. Growing up in Hempfield Township myself, and having years of experience producing viral videos, I knew that the world of viral videos is as unpredictable as a tornado in Hempfield Township. One minute this iPod-weilding storm-chaser was face-to-face with imminent peril, or at least a damaged iPod and a bad hair day, and the next minute he is being swept away to the wonderful world of internet super-stardom. But this wasn’t Dorothy, or a Cowardly Greensburg-Salem Lion. This was Hempfield’s own Toto (as we kindly referred to him), Tyler Tubbs.

Since uploading the yinzer-laced video depicting how he overcame the wicked wind of Westmoreland County, Tyler was heralded by all the small-time YouTubers in YouTube-land as the biggest viral video success this area had seen since Benstonium amassed 1/2 million views with its remixed Steelers’ press conferences in 2008. Overnight, Tyler became this city’s “Double-Rainbow” Guy, with a pixie-dusting of Joe DeNardo. Just as the tornado “Rick-Roll’d” its way through the Hempfield gymnasium, Tyler “Barometer Bieber” Tubbs’ fame swept across Western PA.

Not long after witnessing the devastation left by Tyler’s harrowing Pittsburgh accent, I contacted our marketing director, Mike Tell. I told him in a candid conversation, “Tell, we’re not in Hempfield anymore.” He was puzzled by my non-sequitur one-liner, so I proceeded to explain how Tyler’s video captured by his ruby-red (or some shade of white) iPod could be our ticket back to internet fame..our “Return to Oz”. After some quarreling about our new mission’s name, we at Benstonium offered Tyler cameo roles in our non-tornadic productions, in an attempt to capitalize on the success of his meteorological magnum opus. Unfortunately, due to his hectic schedule as a self-proclaimed “YouTube god” and the overwhelming demands of being a teenager, Tyler declined our offers.

Months had passed and we had lost contact with Tyler. Then in March of 2012, Benstonium secured a spot in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade and with that, we secured our path to finally meeting the great Tyler Tubbs. Who better to follow the pot-holed roads through the temporarily-emerald City of Pittsburgh with us than Tyler? We sent a message to Tyler and waited patiently with high hopes that he would accept our proposal. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, several minutes later, we received his reply, and found out that all hope really was lost. To the dismay of Benstonium, and presumably a large portion of the St. Patrick’s Day crowd, Tyler would not be able to march with us in the parade, as he had baseball practice… or something.

We at Benstonium will continue to try to ride Tyler’s coattails somewhere over that YouTube “Double-Rainbow”, where hopefully someday our viral video dreams really will come true.”

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